About Me

I’m currently working as a freelance marketing professional and web designer with local businesses while exploring new opportunities. I’ve worn several hats during my previous jobs and internships including content creator, social media strategist, graphic designer, project lead, and data analyst. I’m looking for an exciting new opportunity to utilize the skills I’ve developed in an industry I’m passionate about.

I graduated cum laude from Creighton University in May of 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, Media & Computing (Public Relations emphasis) with a Business Administration minor.


Lauren Dries

I chose a public relations emphasis because I like shaping the interaction between people and businesses or organizations. PR and marketing gives me the opportunity to create and promote a message in order to develop a relationship between a company and its audience. I threw in a business minor because past-Lauren thought it would be easy. No-so-fun fact: Past-Lauren was wrong, but it gave me a well-rounded perspective on marketing and effective communication. When you add in my love of writing—or rambling in most cases—the Internet, and social media, marketing seemed like a great fit.

Now for some nonessential information…I think cheese deserves to have its own food group. My worst and favorite personality quirk is my ability to continuously overanalyze every aspect of my life. I’m emotionally attached to my book collection and Netflix account—they’re the best of both worlds. I’m addicted to pop-culture references (See previous sentence). It’s a personal goal of mine to include three in every blog I write. I love corny knock-knock jokes and science puns. I consider myself a professional chef/baker in the making—one day, I will go to culinary school, and it will be glorious. I love traveling. I studied abroad in Rome for four months and in Paris for two weeks. Oh, and my favorite punctuation mark is the dash—I think it’s vastly under-appreciated in the grammatical world.