That’s A Wrap, Folks

It’s finals week at Creighton, meaning in a little over a week I will be walking across the stage at the Century Link Center and receiving my diploma, hopefully without falling on my face and inevitably being disowned by my family from embarrassment. The end of any semester, especially senior year spring semester, is a … Continue reading That’s A Wrap, Folks

Freelance Work In My Future?

This past week in my entrepreneurial media class, we had the opportunity to learn about freelance work from Daphne Eck - a writer and content strategist; about five years ago Daphne felt the need for change in her working environment so she decided to out on her own. With a marketing and management educational background and experience with … Continue reading Freelance Work In My Future?

Filling the Void

One of the things we talk about in journalism classes is trying to be where there is a need for us.  We talk about covering major news events, what sorts of events are considered newsworthy, and what news takes precedence over other stories. Unfortunately, reporters and news networks can’t be everywhere and often times we … Continue reading Filling the Void

Changing the Game

As a student at Creighton within the journalism department and business school, I hear a lot about how society is changing, business is changing, media is changing, people are changing. As an intern at a digital marketing agency (a rather lovely combination of journalism and business, if I do say so myself), we’re telling our … Continue reading Changing the Game