Web Development


The Project

Sakada Studios is a full service salon located in Minnetonka, MN. Their original website was in dire need of a major makeover so the website was more user-friendly for searchers, patrons, and the salon to update and maintain.

Working with the management team at Sakada, we took Sakada’s website from drab to fab. The clean, modern design of the website reflects Sakada’s brand, style and vision. By incorporating visual elements including slide shows, galleries, and an embedded Instagram feed, we can showcase the salon and the talents of its stylists.

Once Sakada-Studios.com launched, we maintained the search rank of the original site by creating a redirect loop from sakadahairstudios.com to Sakada-Studios.com. Since then, sakadahairstudios.com has been deleted and Sakada-Studios.com absorbed its ranking as the top Google search result. Sakada-Studios.com is mobile-friendly and optimized for search engine queries.

Before & After

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Beck & Cauliflower was created as a website mock-up for an Entrepreneurial Media course. The class was tasked with creating a monetized, media-based business and writing a business proposal including an elevator pitch, SWOT analysis, and presentation. My partner Madison and I came up with Beck & Cauliflower, a media-based grocery delivery business for on-the-go individuals who don’t have the time or patience to shop.

As part of our final presentation, we had to include wireframes of the website and mobile app so potential investors could get a feel for the business. Madison and I took it a step further by actually creating the website using Wix.com. We incorporated high quality images to make the site visually appealing, designed it with mobile responsiveness in mind (for on-the-go shoppers), and created an online store with several products for our customers to choose from. The overall feel of Beck & Cauliflower is simple, easy to use, and convenient, aligning with the business’s goals.

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